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We're both excited about offering you the customer products that are quality, value for money, ethically sourced and made by artisan producers. By purchasing from Truzealia you support the maker and contribute to conscious consumerism. It's all about mindful buying.

We donate 5% of all apparel sales to Jigsaw Whanganui - an organisation dedicated to helping and protecting families and children.

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Beanie - It’s a thick hat because it’s double layered throughout the hat. You can wear the hat cuffed to give your ears maximum protection and the hat will fit like a beanie. Or you can uncuff the hat for a little lighter/cooler wear over the ears.You can tell the material is a good wool but it’s not scratchy. This will be a warm and comfortable hat to wear for a lot of hours. And it’s (hand) washable.


Hiking Socks - Used these for shoe snowing because I always get blisters. Bought these and I don’t have the problem. They are also very warm.


Beanie - I got the green and the product image is bang on color- wise. I love the hat so much I turned right around and bought the blue. The pink looks pretty too butI’ll get more use with blue.


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