About Our Gilded Pet Products

All Gilded Pet products are hand-made using limited edition fabrics. These are not made in China and are boutique in nature and are limited runs.

We use metal hardware and inner webbing for quality and strength. All are washable and light iron. 

The slides may seem tight on the collars but are done like that on purpose to stop slippage. Just adjust to the right size and you will not need to alter again.

Below is a rough guide for sizing – however the sizes are listed on the product listing.

Sizing of adjustable collars.

Petite: Fits neck size 20-30cm and are usually 10mm wide for lightness on the dogs neck.

Small: Fits neck size 26-40cm and are usually 20mm wide

Medium: Fits neck size 36-51cm and are usually 20mm wide

Large: Fits neck size 46-61cm and are usually 25mm wide


Sizing for the harnesses

Petite: Chest 10-35cm & Neck 18-20cm

Small: Chest 25-38cm & Neck 20-25cm

Medium: Chest 36-58cm & Neck 25-32cm

Large: Chest 40-60cm & Neck 35-42cm

Xlarge: Chest 48-72cm & Neck 40-46cm