Millie the Dog

Yes she’s a princess but we love her to bits and she’s so cute.

Millie our model for all things dog is a little rescue dog who has been living with Cherry for 2 years now. She was rescued from a puppy farm by the Queensland SPCA along with 50 other dogs. Her start in life was not good – kept in a cage for breeding for over a year until she was rescued.

Yes she had some issues when she first came to her new family. Socialisation with other dogs, a morbid fear of children and an inability to play. Fortunately we met a woman who runs a doggy day care centre which has helped Millie integrate with other dogs and learn how to play. She is now a well-adjusted, loyal, loving little dog.

Millie loves her life and all the amazing choices she has. Every pet bed and product on our store is tested by her. Beds of all styles, collars, leashes, clothing and pet jewellery that makes her look like the princess she is.